About Us

Aaron Asia Rentals specializes in renting High Speed cameras for Film & Video productions. With extensive footprints in Asia, we use exclusively the prestigious Phantom family of high-speed cameras, shooting from 720p to HD to 4K, coupling with your choice or lenses, flicker-free lighting and other production rigs and accessories dedicated for a high-production value, high-speed shoot.

No shoot is too big or too small or too remote for us as our technicians bring their expertise and passion equally for seeing things in ultra slow motion to every production set. Armed with
Phantom Flex4K, Phantom MIRO LC320S, Phantom HD GOLD, a regional network of USA trained Phantom Techs to support you, and vast experience in shooting dedicated slow-motion, we are confident to be your one-stop solution for your high-speed needs in Asia.

“Your Phantom Partner in Asia”